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Sommer am See

Ammersee, Starnberger See, Wörthsee, Walchensee … und die hohe Kunst, an den ersten (und den letzten) Sommertagen elegant in den kalten See zu gelangen, um durchs Schwimmen wieder warm zu werden.

Alive and Asleep

Sleeping 20 Hours a Day means a lot of cat issues…

  • being truly sleepy while having to wait
  • being not sleepy at all but bored and nothing to do
  • being not sleepy at all but nighttime and everybody sleeps
  • appearing to have no interest for strategic reasons, e.g. if a dog is nearby
  • appearing to sleep although terribly hungry and asking for food is inappropriate
  • very tired after asking for food and being neglected
  • very tired after meal
  • very tired of being tired
  • truly deeply sleeping …